The Partnership, Part Five In The Series

What makes for a successful guide? It’s not as easy or as glamorous as it can be made to look on social media. “You sure have a great office” is something that guides hear every season, if not every trip. True, being a guide means that the office is on the water, but there’s more to it than that. Behind every guide trip is the preparation, planning, and partnerships that make it all work. Professional independent guides are the CEO, Janitor, Cook, Secretary, Bookkeeper, and whatever else is required to build a business, year after  year. I first met Shelly Ehmer on social media, and have followed her growing business and reputation on the Bighorn River in Montana. In her words…

“Being a 2nd year Montana outfitter, I have to work every single day to build my guide business. I am responsible for every aspect of the business. I depend on quality products to help guide days go smoothly. I row an Adipose drift boat with my Sawyer sticks, a great combo, maybe even the perfect combo.

My Sawyer SquareTop Shoal Cut oars are basically my business partners, they help my office do what it needs to do. I have faith knowing my “sticks” will help hold my line in the wind and current. The need to maneuver with delicate skill depending on the situation is imperative. Fly in the trees? Boulder garden? Downed trees? With everything I face on the water, I HAVE to handle everything safely.

I prefer the Shoal Cut Dynelite Oar Blades to move more water with less work. They are light and flex when needed. They are an extension of me, I don’t have to think, the strokes just happen.

Screen Shot 2019-03-22 at 3.39.25 PM

Having my Sawyer’s SquareTop Shoal Cut oars is one less concern that I need to worry about in my work season.”

Thank you Sawyer for making great sticks!”

You’re welcome, Shelly. Until next time, Eddy Out.