A Day For Bristol Bay

You may have heard of this world-famous sockeye salmon fishery or the Pebble Mine, one with it’s home and spawning grounds in a pristine, nutrient-rich ocean habitat. The other, an open-pit mine planned in it’s headwaters. If not, here’s what you need to know about the organizations and people behind the campaign.

Save Bristol Bay is a group of individuals, organizations and businesses dedicated to protecting Bristol Bay’s wild salmon, jobs and communities from the proposed Pebble mine.

“North America’s salmon powerhouse, Bristol Bay, Alaska, is threatened by the massive proposed gold and copper mine. Working closely with commercial fishermen, tribes, sportsmen and women, local businesses and many others across the country Trout Unlimited works to protect these iconic and productive rivers and the people they support.”

As a community and company of anglers and whitewater enthusiasts, we support fisheries conservation to protect salmonid and warm-water species for generations to come. If not for the fish, and cold, clean water – where would we be?

On Saturday, August 24th, 2019 we join with the American Fly Fishing Trade Association (AFFTA) and fishing guides, lodges, outfitters, and industry partners across the United States to support the “Day For Bristol Bay” campaign. With help on the ground in Alaska from Team Sawyer Ambassador Kate Crump, we are donating two sets of the Artisan Series “Sockeye” oar with artwork from Ed Anderson. One set for Alaska-based guides, and the other to AFFTA members in the lower 48 states who donate to support the campaign.

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From the AFFTA website:

“As an industry and fly fishing community, we have been fighting for over a decade to keep Pebble Mine from devastating Bristol Bay and the fisheries that sustain 14,000 jobs, a $1.5 billion dollar annual economic engine, native communities and a world-class destination to fly fish. On August 24th, the fly fishing community is coming together as one undeniable force in support of Bristol Bay.

We are asking all AFFTA members and industry professionals nationwide to join us for A Day for Bristol Bay on August 24th to raise much-needed funding for the Bristol Bay Defense Fund – the front-line group that is going toe-to-toe in D.C. with the foreign mining interests behind the mine. We urge you to participate!”

Eddy Out.