East Bound and Down – Smoker Bandit Oars

Bandit ImageSmoker Oars have been 100% Made in USA since 1921.  Over the years, Smoker Oars has made the toughest oars on the planet from solid Northern White Ash.  Smoker Oars were part of the US Marine Corp and Navy Seal secret missions leading to the success of World War II.  Smoker Oars were the first oars down the Grand Canyon.  Here at Smoker Oars, we’re proud to launch the lightest weight yet incredibly durable Smoker Bandit series for modern day combat fishing in high performance drift boats.

The Smoker Bandit and Smoker Bandit Shoal continue the legacy of the highest quality, rugged and now lightweight professional grade oars for our global network of professional fishing guides.  Our professional anglers row over 1,000 strokers per river mile sweeping the river for the perfect catch.  The proprietary blend of carbon twill reinforced with tough fiberglass make for the perfect flex and feel on every stroke.

The Smoker Bandit blades are handcrafted with the toughest materials known to whitewater.

Lengths are available from 8″ up to 10’ at 6″ increments.

For the longest life and best performance, we recommend packaging these beauties with the legendary Cobra Oar Locks.  The Cobra Oar locks give the highest range of motion while protecting the shaft in extreme conditions.

For more information or to order your own set, contact Team Sawyer below via email, or call (541) 535-3606